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An Awesome day and Annabelle?

hahaha. So whut? blurrr. . .
Heyya guys! Today I'm going to share about me, hanging out with my besties at Alamanda 2 days after PT3 because we wanna release our stress~

today out fit. My latest shirt of this month.
I went to Alamanda with Anna since I don't have transport and Anna live near to my house so, she said I can go with her.

when we arrived, we met our group (the 3rd group of 3 group; mine= 5 ppl ; dyna= 3ppl & Tysha= 4). They are Anna, Sofia, Hanis, Amera and the last one is mE! hehe..

while waiting for Amera~

We were about to watch Annabelle!
From left to right; Sofia,Arina, Ain, Amera, Tysha, Anna, Hanis, Diana(dyna), Sarah and me!)
 here we go. I was the one who always scream in the cinema
**hazukashi!!! >//////<

After that, we went to surau then Solat lah~
 30 minutes later . . .We lunch together at Burger King. Every one had the same menu except for me. I chose Double chicken grilled!

Sof, Mera and Anna~

Ain is cutiepie~

Tisha! beside her is Arina!

After me,being a photographer then it's my time for my MEAL~~~

I said so.

Cutie Anna.Peace by Hanis and Amera:" omnom nom nom"


Candid ~
The end of our hangout with all my besties. The time showed 15:05 . We separated by our group.
My group was group 3 and group 3 went to karaoke room~

The first singer was Anna~
Then me, I sang 2 Japanese songs .

the first singer.

Choosing the song

We were singing this song together!

Mera and me!

guess who's??

just #ANNANYM .

We sang in there about an hour. The time was up . We out of the karaoke room and directly went to outside and the sky was roaring and it's heavily rain.

We ran to get backin Alamanda. I wanna buy Famous Amos and Anna wanna buy ChaTime same as Amera.

We ended up our hang out here. It was a nice day and very very very special day for me.
Sofia and Hanis went to their way . Amera, Anna and I went to outside to get our parent to go home.

mine and anna's

" Hayakku !!!!!!"

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