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Rukia’s and Hitsugaya’s zanpakutou compared


Rukia and Hitsugaya both have ice powers. But have you ever wanted to go further than that observation? To consider in a point-by-point, in-depth way exactly what similarities and/or differences there are in their powers?? If so, look no further than this list! Because I’m gonna do that. For you.

1. They both have superlative zanpakuto.

Hitsugaya has the distinction of owning the most powerful of the ice zanpakuto. Rukia’s zanpakuto has been declared the most beautiful in Soul Society. Both of them, then, have superlative powers.

Rukia: Sometimes I think that it’s in poor taste to declare your zanpakuto the most powerful ice-type.

Rukia: Isn’t that declaring that it’s just more powerful than mine?

Hitsugaya: T-there have been other ice-water types!!

2. Hitsugaya freezes the environment; Rukia freezes herself.

One of the more interesting differences between the two, I think, is that Hitsugaya’s power is based around freezing his environment, whereas Rukia freezes herself. Hitsugaya will do things like manipulate the weather, causing ice flowers to rain down and freeze his opponent. Ice from the outside. But Rukia lowers her own body temperature so that anything she or her sword touches will freeze.

Hitsugaya: I see now why Byakuya gave you the scarf.

Hitsugaya: I forgive you.

Rukia: What

3. Rukia’s power has a time limit and is very dangerous.

Of course, because Rukia’s power is based around freezing herself, it means that it has certain limitations. She can “kill” herself by lowering her temperature to absolute zero, but only for four minutes. She also has to undo the technique very slowly. Hitsugaya, on the other hand, can slap on his ice dragon wings for as long as he wants. Assuming his bankai doesn’t break, of course.

Rukia: So, practically speaking, we have the same stamina!


4. Hitsugaya’s power is focused around creating “living” things.

Hitsugaya is always using his ice to create faux-living creatures. Like the dragon that appears from his sword in shikai. Or the ice dragon he becomes in bankai. Or even the fake Hitsugaya ice clone he can create. Hitsugaya is always making ice sculptures, basically. Rukia, on the other hand, just goes for columns of ice shooting straight for you.

Hitsugaya: No ice bunnies? Not even a little?

Rukia: I would never create a poor ice bunny just to send her to her death!!

5. Rukia has a ribbon; Hitsugaya has a chain.

I don’t know what this means, but Rukia’s and Hitsugaya’s zanpakuto both get a tail in shikai. Rukia’s gets a ribbon, and Hitsugaya’s gets a chain.

Hichigo: Have either of you tried to grab your zanpakuto by its tail and spin it around??

Rukia: No.

Hitsugaya: No.

Hichigo: You guys are super lame.

6. They can both collect water from the environment.

Both Hitsugaya and Rukia can create ice by collecting water from their environments. We see Hitsugaya do this more - in his fight with Halibel, he and Halibel both sat around flooding fake Karakura Town just to create enough raw water to fight with. But Rukia has this ability too - her third dance in shikai can absorb moisture from the environment for freezing purposes.

Hitsugaya: Scarves help us if we ever end up in a desert.

Rukia: I fought in Hueco Mundo.

Hitsugaya: That’s so hardcore.

7. They both use ice flowers.

Which is just…interesting, I guess? Hitsugaya has a technique that causes snow to fall, and any place the snow touches you, a ice flower sprouts. Until you, you know, die. Rukia in bankai has an ice blossom on her robe. I guess ice blossoms just come along with ice zanpakuto.

Rukia: Tite Kubo loves his flower imagery.

Hitsugaya: Word.

8. They both wear their bankai.

Rukia has a clad-type bankai, meaning that her outfit totally changes when she uses it. Hitsugaya’s wardrobe change isn’t quite so extreme, but he does wear ice wings and ice claws in bankai. So that’s a thing.

Rukia: Wait a sec….you dress up as a dragon for your bankai??

Hitsugaya: Maybe.

9. Rukia’s power goes from the ground up; Hitsugaya’s from the sky down.

This isn’t an iron-clad rule or anything. But I thought it was interesting that they have these tendencies. Rukia’s shikai causes columns of ice to rise up in a circle - from the ground into the air. But Hitsugaya’s zanpakuto is all about manipulating the heavens - changing the weather, causing it to snow, and so on.

Rukia: Together, we can create a kingdom of eternal ice!!!!

Hitsugaya: What?

Rukia: what?

10. They both shatter their enemies.

But despite all these differences, the actual killing technique of both is the same. They freeze their enemies, and when the ice shatters, so does the victim. Which is not the only way ice can kill someone. They could, I don’t know, give the guy hypothermia and watch him shiver sadly to death. But they both go for dramatic shattering.

Hitsugaya: Or stabbing with ice blades.

Rukia: Word.

Hitsugaya: Ice is so cool.

Rukia: …

Rukia: Was that a pun?


ok those are the facts of out two ice-powered shinigami...
thanks to BLG for the information~

Ja minna~

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