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Tutorial: Download Photoshop CS6

Today I'm gonna do a simple tutorial that might be wanted by people. It's PHOTOSHOP CS6.
Someone has ask me how did I download it so here 's the tutorial.
(actually it's photoshop cs6 portable)

1. Click here to download.

2.Just click at the bottom of chrome window (the stuff that you downloaded)
   or Open download file> click what have you download .

who open download file..follow this.
 then a new window will pop-up like this

3. You can custom where will Photoshop cs6 file place.
     if you don't want to so just continue click next .
how to choose.

4. wait.. . .

5. when you are done waiting 'that' stuff then click finish.

6. Now this is the hardest part for beginner of pc/lappy user.
-Find the file of Photoshop CS6.
(if you just click next /didn't custom file just now, go to Local disk C > progam files> file ;photoshop CS6 portable)

7. Ok the next step is right-click on PhotoshopCS6Portable_Fizgraphic
8. Click run as administrator

9. Now wait...then TADA~ Photoshop CS6 will appear . YAY!

this is my first graphic using this photoshop cs6

Do comment. I would like to know your respond~

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