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Today I'm gonna start my blog work.I know currently I'm so lazy with various of PBS assignments and lots of orders such as doodle commission and blog design. They have paid me so I need to get up and do my work as a blogger. Tutorials? totemo malas duhh! ok ok I will update~

It was heavily rain yesterday nigh. Internet went down so I have nothing to do  besides help ibu with house chores .All my new posts still in draft. Then what? Apa lagi sesaja bukak video buat graphic .
I posted those gifs at my otaku blog aka Tumblr xD

yeah Random quotes from Anime; Bleach Accel World, Guilty Crown, Fairy Tale and Fullmetal Alchemist. Okeyh...

whats else?

Ohhh one more thing, Fara ingat nak habiskan semua anime dalam Anime list Fara. Setakat ni je lah bleach je. Paling banyak pon Detective conan. Yang lain tu okeyh je la kot.

selain tu, Fara nak update pasal UU Fara dapat anugerah, Anugrerah kecemerlang, sukan tahunan and Animaz carnival 2014. I went there on 30 March 2014 and I was a crazy otaku because there wre lots of anime stuff and they were my fav!

nothing else?

ok .

that's All. I'm have to continue on my work.

Mata jane, minna!

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