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horey untuk February~! + new look

ok guys my blog theme has changed since 1 February actually and this post was suppose to be posted on 2 Feb but I just realize that it still in draft form. lewl I think I was just click save instead of Publish button xD AMG how careless am I lewl...

so uhm... this is Dec/Jan theme, BORN TO MAKE HISTORY , Yuri!!! on Ice and major character used was Katsuki Yuri. (with BGM of ep 9, the sadest part of YOI lewl)

so This time..... It's February theme and theme idea kinda random and I think my English is starting
to broken more haha sebab dah lama tak practice ttping and speak in English so sorry ..

This February...

I plan to cosplay more..
and make more art commission. I always update my status at my Instagram story so do looking for it :3 Commission always open so you can DM me. Haha~!

ok about this blog, February theme is HEMOGLOBIN_BLACK.

why did I change the name? yeah, Obviously it's Haikyuu!! and character used are Kuroo Tetsurou and slight Okumura Yukio from Ao no Exorcist... HahHa currently they are my top~! (not otp) and why hemoglobin black? Actually masa belek-belek gambar Kuroo hari tu kat tenet ada Haikyuu!! twitter log. Kuroo punya twitter username dia @hemoglobin_black haha that why! Wokeyh~! I love my black skin tbh. But lets bake something else other than cake like cookies / biscuits. HAHA~! Failed joke. Aihh Fara sudah-sudah la meroyan kat sini.

I'll post my cosplays and art works later...
kat sini lah~

ja na~!