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Review : Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (movie)

if you hate sao or anime or me..please go away but if you willing to read, its my pleasure... go head click read more!

Hey, 2 weeks ago the day where I'm starting to get sick, March 27th of 2017. Ya know right if you are an otaku or not heard somewhere about 'Ordinal Scale' 'SAO' 'Sword Art Online movie' and so on.. Ya February , There's a world release (AMG my english is getting bad, forgive me) of (kinda) famous anime, Sword Art Online/ SAO. Ya they released a movie titled Ordinal Scale which is my current blog theme for March. Hahaha wokeyh lets get to the point.

starting with the original art..

here is the original website: (japanese ver.) (Eng. -us ver.)

 yeah yeah first..pretty Asuna haha but I hate her lewl. Dun worry I love Kirito oho~!
Nah, here watch the trailer first..skip if u lazy ohoo the other trailer are here and wanna see some awesome-ness of Ordinal scale? Click here!

so lets start with review...

- new and epic soundtrack
- epic and intense fight
- Yunaaaaa meh original Yunaa saddddddd :(
- Kirito learns how noob player feels and suffer too

- boring starting... (i almost fell asleep bcoz the starting is too boring)
- predictable plot
- why trim/cut the scene (GSC la punya pasal)
- less new character and characters development (season 3 ohohhohoh)
- reused and recycle same soundtrack again (well thats normal but meh~!)
- at last we know Kirito is OP as ever, yay ..? da heck lewl?

I rate 8.7/10
why? ( -1 for boring starting -0.3 for cut scene (thanks GSC money fly cut scene~!)

well sorry if I disappointed you. I'm too lazy to make a longgg review. (and I'm not going to spoil anything =) so thank to me haha~!

so then go watch it haha idk la buleyh tengok lagi ke tak kat Malaysia sabab kat MidValley dah habis 1 march ~

andd oho go read my previous post anyway I love Amanda Lee. Anyway Ive made a background of SAO OS, honestly I'm using it as my desktop wallpaper. Ya one on my shitty edits haha~!

and EXTRA~!
Its my memories so why not?

tickets and hall!

and of course I went with mummen rider or Aiman Fullbuster because he is my childhood friend and the black one is one of my internet friend

This is Atul, My highschool classmate. ARCADE!! OSU BERGERAK haha!!! its maimai dayou~!

yuppp upp uppp..wait camera is not ready yet!
My otaku and some of none-otaku schoolmates

ja na!

**// OWARI \\**

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