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  • ( 1/1/2016 )
    k how to start eh? Sorry and Im very sorry for not post anything on my last 2015,I fall asleep after playing katana with my nakama/friends. Oho I'm tired tho. The main reason is it's all because of my parents parental control. As ya know (heh, really?) I'm turning 17 and this yeah I have a big test/exam that will determine my future (sorry for bad english) . I'll be back to asrama and never step in blogger dashboard because I shut myself down from all the social network for my own sake. I wanna improve(dun worry i'll back). I don't know what to do other than keep study and do exercises...can someone just gimme some motivation words already. This is my last year of school. I really nervous to step in Form 5. Maybe I will check my cbox and blogwalking when I have nothing to do / free time . Uhu.. I'll miss you all my readers, senpai tachi and kouhai tachi! Onegai ne. Fara minta Korang doakan Fara berjaya tahun ni. InshaAllah, 10 A+. Fara doakan adik-kawan-kawan yang ambil exam besar berjaya juga. Assalamualaikum~
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