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21st June 2014
██████████ 52% PT3 in progress.

Assalamualaikum and Konnichiwa,ファラ(Fara) desu. My my ,otou-san told me to stop otaku-ing until PT3 . he said, no more anime, no more FANG [my Xperia], no more lappy, no more PC, no more manga reading, no more blogging, no more blogwalking, no more fanfic reading and no more gadgets until 10月17日. I was like ' warghh seriously ?!! FANFIC.. waaaaa i read fanfic every night!!! I watch anime every day!! and.. and..**pant pant** ok **pant* that's enough..

oh well, I need to accept it anyways.. on my latest mid-year exam I got 'C' in my English test. bad huh? yeah that's hountou ni right! I need to study.Wish me luck. Insha-Allah I'll back in time. Ja ne, Minna-san! oh yeah, wanna see true form of my blog?{ Click here }
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