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wewe-day! : Distracted

longg time no see! eh? yea?
mana ada. Setiap hari hadap blog yang tak berapa ni. Nguehehe.

Ok, First of all, I wanna thank all of the blogger who joined my segment and answer my ridiculous liebster award. (walaupon sikit but I really appreciated it you know!)

The second one in...
about myself. Erk, Nani? Nandemonai desu.

I always mention I have lots of PBS assignments in my latest entry since PT3 dah habis. Then apa yang kena mengena sangat dengan aku ni? Ok baca dulu. I think I was distracted. Every time! When I 'm in mood to do my PBS assignments, I was distracted by sounds from my phone . Mostly whatsapp messages,Wechat moment and fanfic (of course!) Then I tangguh kerja . Bukan tu je. Selalunya PBS banyak nak kena cari guna internet. So bila bukak je lappy automatically distracted by anime awesome and melting pics. Wargghhhh!. Mula lah otakuing. Bukan buat assignment pon. Kebanyakannya kena submit Jumaat ni and y'know what? I haven't start satu hapak pon assignment. Dah la band 6. Hadoi..cikgu kata ikut suka mau buat atau tanak. tapi kalau parents Fara tau Fara tak dapat result bagus thn ni gini la jadi Fara nanti..**creeeeeeepy duhhh!

I was also distracted by blogwalking, anime stuff and many more when I work on my blog such as edit turorial page(tak mula lagi ), doodle commission, new post, edit other blog and so on. What ?
haha it have been 2 hours to finish a paragraph of this because I was distracted!!!  I start type this post around 7/8 pm and now dah pon pukul 10.42 pm. See?


I know I've been wasting time. and now it's already 12.28 am.
What am I doing ?!

Okeyhhh. this post suppose to publish on wednesday... Sebab tu tajuk dia 'weweday' (wednesday) ok I suppose to do my assignment .

jane to ohayo minna!

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