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what have I done, YouTube?! It just an osu! game play!!

first time issue:

and this is, the second issue~!

Osu! switch-tap challege! | Hyoukurona ft. Lipan-Sama

I'm an osu! player that use different keys to tap every single circle and my sister is an osu! player that mostly use only a single tap to click all the circles. so we decided to change our play styles and see what happen xD

song : Syaro(CV.Uchida Maaya) - Caffeine Fighter [Insane] + Hidden
beatmap :
skins : cookiezi's | shelter | tobiKC(charlotte) | mixed of mine
my imoutou's :

//slight confession

Hey there~!
Its been looooooooooooooong time since last time I uploaded some videos on this channel so now I've been thinking to active back my channel. First video I introduce you one of the things that I waste my time. osu is such a great game ... read here yeah some ppl maybe ask WHY do I uploaded it on vimeo? Well thats because !@#$%^&* youtube has claim me as copycat or anything about copyright and bla bla bla without read any description of mine. I already put copyright in there. This is kinda...uhh not fair because other osu player and even my friends have uploaded their osu gameplay on Youtube without being banned or something. then WHY me?! I'm just a normal osu player lewl the noob one.

I do not own this song,It is all belong to its owner....
credit also goes the owner. Not all contains in the video are mine.
(except for the game plays ^^)


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