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youp~! minna Im so lazy today is my day off. Horay Finally~! Dah lepas JPJ nak buat driving licence suma so yep! I'm gonna update every week I guess. InshaAllah~

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satte, doumo arigatou Syara-chi for the tag ^^
Gomenna boku osoi yo na~ ^^"

あ Thank the person who tagged you
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え Give them 11 questions to answer (i wont do it boz im bz, SORRY~!)
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1, What is your goals in life?
Im gonna be the greatest muslimah I can be~! Thats my dream since I was a lil' child. HAHA~! But then I realize that I'm also a cosplay so I'll work hard to cover up all my aurat when I'm cosplay. Yeah Ibadah kena jaga jugak~!

2. Do you have any phobia?
yes I have. I'm phobia of wind (traumatize include). and circles... iieeeeee KOWANAKATTA~!!!

3. Who is your close friend?
I dun have any in real life. I hope I have one. Yeah but I have plenty in internet. and I have met them of course! They so kind so yeah... Majority are my fans and otaku!

4. Imagine you're in 10 years from now. What will you be?
a graphic designer I guess and my room will full with anime stuffs~

5. Can you describe your hidden talents?
me? hidden talents? Uhh drawing i guest;;; Arts? Sewing and making costume like cosplay? cook? is that talents? I can cook various of food including baking cakes and biscuits, I can knit , I cross-stitch..uh... I can be a mechanics since I always be the one who fix electronic stuffs in my house... Well, idk ~?;;;;

6. What is your favorite animal?
Nyanko desu~!

7. Have you ever try any foreign food?
of coz~! Japanese foods a lot haha~!

8. What do you like about yourself?
I can do anything that I want bcoz i'm the type yg ada confident but...uhh nvm~!

9. Describe your bedroom in 4 words,
Messy nap + work heaven

10. What is your favorite type of book?
Friendship, Life, thrilled, angst

11. Who do you admire and want to be like?
first, Rasulullah, then Rabiatul Adawiyah~

nothing? I wanna cosplay rn~!


sorry for not following the rules..
I got tone of works to do~!

ja na~!

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