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reBirth of the name "YukiFaraXIII"

Heyya minna its been long time since post and I was tired already!! every time I typing the not so long gap post/ entry ..I'll use hisashiburi and bla bla bla nani da faq I'm talking Hahaha talking nonsense again sorry...

So uhm...up there is another me, where I call myself as YukiFara other than Faranym and Hyoukurona or Hyouku Yukirasaki, this post came out the idea from a conversation of my kouhai and we talk about our otaku name and real name. I remember where my first appearance on internet is as a Blogger and I use my name as Fara_nym / Faranym . Im still using it bcoz my blog is still alive and there's still some reader loves to read my blog. They also reorganized me as a blogger when I was in public. Thanks. Thats truly makes  me feel I'm still existing and alive in blogger world.

Where does Hyoukurona comes? It was when I was starting to addict with anime. Yes I'm an otaku since 2010, when I was in standard 5. But that time I was just TOO ADDICTED to Detective Conan. But then I was opened to another anime world . and bla bla bla and end up myself with creating a new name. Hyoukurona. Hyou is from Hyouka , Kuro is from kuroba ( Kaito Kuroba / kaito kid) and na is from arcana famiglia HAHAHAH SO CHILDISH ne? pick some of Japanese words and compile em into a name hahahaah ok serious! xD ok back on tack. Then usually otaku will create their own japanese name.. Then just bcoz I always use Hyou in my otaku world (fb include) Then I make it long...Hyouku (from Hyoukurona) and Yukirasaki as it has its meaning. That time I was overwhelm by hitsugaya toushiro from bleach... He holds ice power. and with that .. Yukirasaki existed lol.

Years after that... I realize those names splitting me into 2 different person. Fara is a artist(??)  a FARA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok ok just kidding . Ok and many years after people (otaku friends) love to call me Yuki more than Hyou, or Kira uhuhu they then keep calling me Yuki. la la la and I dun wanna split myself anymore. I wanna WHOLE . I wanna be one me(??) lol .... Then one day that time I was just starting to cosplay..bcoz of that, my friend always call me YukiFara since they know my name and otaku name. They said Fara in realife + otaku fara = YukiFara. and at the time... I was addicted to Suzuya Juuzou and juzou love to wear something XIII on his stuffs. Something clicked into my mind , YukiFara...The real me... Juuzou... THEN BOOMMM !!!!

YukiFaraXIII was born!!!!

OMG why am I so excited.LOLLL hahaha since that I wanna be myself. The whole me. Not split me haha whats with that words tho lol. I'm being YukiFaraXIII until present. Its not a big deal. If u think im a blogger or just an ordinary girl who loves to draw and artist wanna be, then feel free to call me Fara. If you love me being an otaku then just call me a simple Yuki. If you love the me that Love to mixed her life up with all of things she loves like sewing, study , anime and cosplaying then It's YukiFaraXIII

For me ...the name that everyone used to call affect my personality. Thats why I said. Yuki and Fara are different person. Fara has her own personality and so Yuki too... and YukiFara too. huehehe Sorry for talking nonsense and bad english lol please ignore em if you feel annoyed with em. LOL


and I... Cosplay alot, LOL

and I didnt left drawing behind either.....

if u ask me what did I use to make a digital art...
software : Photoshop
tools: Mouse ahaha 
(still dun have enough money to buy a drawing tablet)

ok then thats all from me today...
hope u have a nice day.
I'll update my giveaway later.
ja ne...

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