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ramai orang tak nampak navigation bar blog ni and tanya kat mana~

Maybe this is the last post of this year. Before I totally turn off my blog into hiatus, I gonna make this post because some of the people that came to my blog do not know where is my navigation bar and I'm gonna show you some hidden gadget that people dont actually see it. I' not saying that 'everyone' doesnt know but just for new visitors and all of you . It just for fun anyway ()/

First of all, where is my Nav Bar?
 now you clicks those button!

  • Index / home button
  • Follow button

'About page' It's like um.... Author profile and anything else people would make it as 'About me' page... Just click it and my profile will pop up~

This page where I cant control myself... It's a section special for my fandom things. Don't get me wrong when you open it. It's kinda unpleasant thing . But it's okay to open it ( ̄ー ̄ )

This Site
Just a page for blog static and about the blog actually~
nothing much.

Where I put all my stuffs like Tutobies, Art Trade, Affiliate and etc.

  • tutorial and freebies list will pop up and when you click one of the tutobies .. The totubies will come out like usual.

  • Affiliate ... I've change nothing~
  • Art trade page either...

ha...this just for navy... wanna see more?

\\** O M A K E  //**

where did my gifs com from. Watch this video to see all hiden things in my blog.

Ja ne~