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Comic Fiesta 2015: Day 1

Yo, minna-san! It's have been 2 Days... 
I said I'm gonna post about Comic Fiesta.
Yeah I mentioned a lot lately , CF situ , CF sini . Ok then. This post will.....
Full with PHOTOS!

guest who am I?
This year, I decided  to have just a simple 'low-budget' cosplay because maybe I'll be full cosplay on the next year.  

Check the tickets. 3 tickets for 3 person.

Thats my aneki. yeah ~

and my imouto and aneki..

Mehhnnn we've trapped almost an hour~


Entraces! in the hall~

How's pro do it!?

hmm.... Then terpisah dengan siblings Fara,suddenly I found my schoolmate!

We are TJTI SPM'16! 

then I found my bestfriend 'Mummen Rider' . So just walked around with him~
I found these. Selalunya tengok Mirai ni kat internet je... Datang sini dapat tgk depan mata!

BREAK! Take off the maks and eat!

Mehhn! semua tempat makan FULL! 
at last end up kat KFC. Tu pun beratur 1 jam untuk sampai kaunter.

Tadek keje selfie masa tunggu~
Tu ah mummen rider~

\\ lunch is here//

Boku no imouto , Tsukei~

lepas solat, selekeh dah...terjumpa pula member kat sini~

see? selebet je~

Suddently I found one of Well-known Hijab cosplayer, Mariah Rasyidah~

Moved to Convention Hall part II

another weird selfie~
Sugi wa...Ore-tachi to cosplayers!
 \\next, photos with cosplayers!//


Oho! It's Levi Ackerman  from Shingeki no kyojin\ Attack on Tittan

...Tokisaki Kurumi from Date a Live!

Atto wa, Kirei no Hiragi Shinoa From Owari No Seraph\ Seraph of the end

Vovaloid-V IA desu!

Hatsune Miku Senbonzakura version.
Sorry, dark in there. Act, she's beautiful in that cosplay~

Yeah! I got Hyourinmaru and I wanted this since form 1 and now I got it! I'm so happy to own it by myself. Ne..hyourinmaru, you turn yourself into spirit form? I wanna see it!
 Then... we went to main entrace again and this time I separated with Mummen Rider.
 Next misson is my OTAKU GROUP MEET UP desu!

Oho! I'm walking around with katana~

   and met Kamen Rider Kuuga

Manga!!!! (hover the image for original photo)

Yeah I'm part of manga + katana in hand! Can I fight you hot guys?

Oho! boku no imoutois spying hoy guys >////////////////<

Finally, we met them!

If you are malaysian otaku, penah masuk group WAOM kat FB ah.. ni lah dia~ 
sikit je jumpa yang lain ada yang dah balik~

Ok last selfie and bye....Hope we met again next year~
There were Paan, Nik, Luqman, aneki, imouto to boku chi!
image credit tu luqman :3

and arts boths were like this.. bleh bleh bleh~
Hah...being 8 hours in the hall... walking around and buy some anime merchandise was tiring.
 My feet hurt. Ahaaahaaa~ De, Kairu yo!

At first I was cosplay as kaneki and now end up being Shiro-chan.
(yeah you see there's Hyourinmaru right?) Boku no imouto, keep hugging her Umaru-chan. Seriously boku no Aneki and myself kinda despair because this CF of this year is i guest~ There's nothing much. I dont achieve my target my aneki either.

I want SaruMi,
I want K anime stuff,
I want to touch Tharsis with my own hand, wanna see it in front of my eyes!
I want Aldnoah Zero's Drama CDs.
I want owari no seraph original stuff,
I want Gatchaman Crowds Joe's note .
I want Fairy Tail: Saber Tooth stuffs
Demo...ano kibou...inai you!
Warghhh ok at least I got these...

Oho..let seee~

This is imouto no...

Button badges. 
-Ib (game) \ Mary, Ib and Gary
-yaoi's from owari no seraph
-'Fujoshi Alert' // Girl who likes yaoi
-Super o' Sound Sonic from One Punch Man
-'Megane Meganicon' // who loves glasses~ 

I bought some illustration~
the small pack contain....

Six different Tokyo Ghoul Characters' illustration.

Next is KATANA! Ohoho.. Hyourinmaru <3

tada no posta-
just poster. IDK what anime is, if you know, please tell me in comment box ok? My imouto bought it for her senpai~

**// O W A R I \\**

I'm done!
And one more thing I've skip Day 2.
It's tiring. I cant make it to the second day. Gomenne~

Ja, Assalamualaikum!

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