posted by Fara_nym | Hyoukurona Monday, 10 November 2014 @4:23 am 1 comments
14 hours in front of PC is normal for a blogger right?
Ohayou gozaimasu!

readers...bloggers...anyone. Hey! wake up. no no go back to sleep.

what am I talking about.

Hey there. I'm here...still in front of my hitsugaya lappy...typing a post. Abt what? About blogger. I'm still wide awake and tomorrow morning (today is already monday morning) I gotta go ta school. Yeah school. Why am I still freakin' open my eyes? The answer is easy dude. I just edited my customer blog and there are two more blog I need to edit. I guess I only can do a blog per a day.

First of all. I've done 90% of my customer blog. that's a great news.
The second one is I can't avoid myself from being here. Otaku and Blogging. So bad huh?!
Third, I keep wasting my free time on useless things.
Forth, insomnia? I dah selalu tido lambat then wake up early and that's it. Dah terbiasa so. . . no comment (._. )` ` `
Fith, I gonna sleep now? Nah..forget abt it. ANIME TIME!!or lebih tepat lagi OTAKUING TIME!
Lastly, I know I shouldn't post this 'shuttin' post.

I don't have enough time to post what I suppose to post in this blog. Sorry there's a tiny technical problem...

ok that's all.
ja ne~