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Last day of school 2014
Ohayo gozaimasu~ [ 5:12 AM ]

heyya minna. Yesterday was the last day of school 2014. The day wherewere dramatic scenes, funny scenes and food segment and memories . The school was so busy , My classmates and I helped the teachers like give every classes school magazine

My design :D

Demo . .

..Ahaha...until ...

Me, part of 3 KRK 2014
. . . 11 am, we moved to school other place to wait our PIZZAs~

Selfie while waiting our PIZZA~
from left; ain?? tisha , arina, sofia, amy | amera | dyna , me?? (hold the ipad xD)

PIZZAs arrived!!
I was about to finish my pizza when suddenly my bff from the other class came to find me. They are also my old classmates :')

From 1 Cyber 1 2012 /2 Cyber 1 2013

(Frome left;Hanis Hanim Hariz)

With Hariz yang selalu tolong dalam math time study :) Thanks!
Hanis yang selalu layan Far amacam budak kecik dan
yang selalu Fara minta tolong ketika Fara sedih, susahm gembira gila-gila :')

Hanna yang selalu dengar sehala cerita otaku Fara.
Amira yang sentiasa comel dan bersabar dengan perangai otaku Fara
I'll never forget you guys!
HANNA!! my only otaku saver in this school :')
hte last person walked and I talked to for the day.

A week before the last day~

I sleep because I'm sick on that day. Dyna is the who's taking this picture.
from left sofia, me , tisha, anna ,dynaa??

Amy is the one who always be my nee-chan in 3 KRK :D

HAHA meyhhhh. Taking about otaku stuff and no one 's hear it.
Mira: looking for me gun

The only 'twin prinncessed' in 3 KRK
Jamuan 3 KRK 8 Nov @ Nando's Cyberjaya

I guess ini je kot .

Janne minna!

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