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Wari na Minna// Sorry ~ . . . Busy busy busy!
Fara's ALERT : Typo and GRAMMAR mistakes! 

Oyaho minna!

What am I doing at my school. MANGA!!

I'm so sorry for no longer update. It because of I've lots of activities in mah school this week..err I mean last week. My body was lack of energy and I could't usually make mah works. Hountou ni gomen!

So what? haha ok I'm also lack of sleep. IDK but I think it just like insomnia . I nearly get fever but I quickly get some rest and tada... I'm okey!.. For those who add me on Facebook might know what am I doing while I'm out of this blogger things. Yeah I usually tired lately (and it isn't like me because I'm always being a Hyper one all the time LOL ) and what did I do is some house chores and watch anime during free time. Yeah house chores because only futari in ma house so no one will do it for me. My aniki does hers and I do mine. That's fair enough. My family will be home today.

About mah school...hmm I've participate all da activities except for net ball because I reached my limit on the forth day. Haha If I haven't I'll join my team. This week is so tiring me. On the 3rd day I can barely move my body. I can't laugh because my muscle will aching if I do. BUT attendance of school is REALLY important for me so I came to school even though I wasn't well. Yeah If you know me well , That's me. Tomorrow will start the last week of school. Horay !!!~~.....but I feel a bit sad because maybe I'll move to other school.

Ok stop talking about school . I wanna relax ma mind so I can get back to work~ Later lahhhh.
I have lots of things to share in here ( in this blog) so wait eh!

later fella~