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15 dayS? Happy OTAKU DAY anyway~

So...Its been long time (heh?) yeah I wanna type the whole entry in English for this morning today. I just realize that today is Otaku day yay (but some people call it weebo day idk which one is the right one) 15th of Dec. LEWL.. 18 DAYS BEFORE SCHOOL! 5 DAYS BEFORE COMIC FIESTA! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Ok just stop. I think it is kinda special day today (bleh bleh bleh) and why did THOSE books are here? Oh thats all my diaries. yeah...ops wrong picture~

so..this is the 'right' picture.. yeah and what did I do ? Not sleeping for days...well... im just..

having fun with group members at Facebook

searching BL post on twitter~
yeah twitter is only for my fangirl mode..

Watch anime~

meh what else... nothing...sometimes when Im getting bored I'll study. IM AFRAID OF NEXT YEAR!!! SPM!!!! Meehnnn I cant shake that crap out of my mind~ thennn owh yeah... This is my full Suzuya Juuzou theme ,.. lewl.. I wanna change...the theme~

talk abt theme... I wanna change my Chrome theme too~

well this is my current theme~ InahoXSlaine. My brotp lewl I've been fangirling on 'em for almost 3 months! Thats ...ahh forget about it.

well happy otaku day anyway (for those who is an otaku as am I) ^w^ show ur pride !
ja, Assalamualaikum.

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