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Hisashiburi da~| CF2016 | Osu! | Y!!!OI lewl

there there..I'm back from sulking because I dont go to CF this year. CF is an Anime Convention that be held once a year and THIS YEAR I ..urggg it such a pain in heart...dont go to CF. oh ya CF is acronym for Comic Fiesta! I went to CF last year.. Comic Fiesta 2015 : Day 1

I did cosplay this year...but I think me, as a hijab cosplayer not so well-known like Mariah Rashidah, Meowy Munchy-marsha, Ryoukun , Ai-channn and so on. lewl. Maybe I'll post my cosplay here and all of you can vomit . lewl

and..actually I'm not sulking because of I dont go to CF. My kouhai -tachi and my mummen rider bough me a lot of anime stuffs for me...

seems like Yuri!!! on Ice and boboiboy(also) getting very popular at CF2016
oh ya I just created my cosplay visit and like it (if u have a WorldCosplay account)

oh ya and my blog has completely change too!


senpie-tachi to kouhai-tachi also get into yoi world because VICTURI IS CANON!

and those who really get into yoi, they rly put up some scene like these Sugoi! Quick Cosplay of Yuri!!! on Ice in their blog, LIKE MEYH!
hueheheh I wonder if the rumor abt Yuri!!! on Ice season 2 is really gonna happen next year. I wont be happy tbh but isnt it great, YOI fans can watch more sweetness of Victor and Yuri plus there are another quite famous shipping onward.. Otabek and Yurio da ne~!

and...these is my current fav/recommended song /osu map

sa...owari dakara sa?

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