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Playing Osu with Shiro-senpai ^^ + Celestial spirit key
2 days to go...

Oha minna!

Ass you can see I'm no longer osu! mani player. Gomenna~

The result of the Match between us.

yo minna! Finally, Shiro-senpai and I are suppose to play osu! 2 weeks ago but unfortunately  we have no chance to play it together. Yesterday, I was planing to edit my blog while listening osu's songs and the Shiro-senpai pm me. yeah..we are lucky that we online at the same time. I find out senpai is a ctb player . Well... I'm osu! standard player. aha.. we just mixed up the match. we play both, ctb and s. osu!. Click here to view our match history.

owh yeah  I forgot that I also bough a gold seirei no kagi (celestial spirit key) ,one of 12 golden key and it's the strongest Leo. UHU loke dayo.

ow yeah.. ja, i need to sleep, Assalamualaikum~

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