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Experience of PT3 examination ; Reports | Oral test | Trial | Psychometric | THE REAL TEST.[Timeline post]
Fara's ALERT : Typo and GRAMMAR mistakes! 

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The timeline post starts from 3rd July - 15th October 2014


3rd July - 16th July 2014
I made my research for those subjects with my group mem. For geography case study, we choose to make 'Soil Pollution ' reports. History? I jest make a simple research about 'national unity'.

On the examination day, I calmly do my reports of History and Geography case studies.
Everything just fine. I just don’t have enough time to write those reports and Alhamdulillah, I can finished my report even though I'm the second last person in my class pass in the reports. 

11th August 2014
Hey ya..Today is my oral test of first batch of PT3 and now I'm going to story-morry with you about how did I get through the first day of PT3 oral test.

So It was started in the cold morning. I was trying to relax and calm myself and I did it. I as in group 7; the last group of my class: 3 KRK. My group mem. and I was discussed about current issues in 'waiting room’. When we heard group 5 had been called by teacher to enter 'quarantine room’, we were getting nervous. VERY nervous. Our heart is pumping like it's going to explode. My my then
when group 6 had been called, my body started to trembled like crazy. I don't know how to explain it but I'm so afraid of speaking in front of the appraiser or anyone that I don't know or crowd of people (wahaha LoL) so... I thought I'll shutter while I'm presenting my opinion of the given topic/issue.

i was like...
Finally, it was time. We were called to enter 'quarantine room'. My hand still trembling, I can't control it either. I read 'Bismillahirahmanirahim' when I was entering the room with right leg.( y'know right, I'm Muslim) we were given a topic titled ' kepentingan mempelajari matapelajaran sejarah / The importance of learning subject history ' and the teacher only gave 10 minutes to discuss about the topic. Then...
It's time to present. Yokatta I wasn't tremble like before. I'm giving my opinion and speech in front of them with restful. Alhamdulillah. Everything is over. Speaking oral of Malay language is over. 

12th August 2014
Today is BM listening contest. Everything just fine. I can do it well. 
Tomorrow I'll have PT3 English listening test. Wish me Luck!

I know I can do it but I'm worrying my English oral test. You know right, I not fluent in English I'll cry next week because.... I'm suck at English. I can write in English but I can't speak in English so I feel so DOWN!!!! Yokatta, Malay language listening test is over.

13th August 2014
Warghhh I'll never get full mark in PT3 English listening test. I'm so disappointed of myself because, I've lost my focus during Section B, extract 1 in the test. I've missed important information of 'Pirate CD syndicates'. I was focusing and busying fill the blanks in the table on the tests paper. How could I do THAT?! warghh this is so frustrating. Maybe I'll get 19/20 marks. The total mark of Listening test is 20 marks and every section got 10 questions. I did all the questions of the section A quite well. (I think?? )So...

i think that time I was like this...
Next, I’ll be focus on English speaking. Pray for me. I admit it. I'm not an English speaker. I'm really bad in English speaking. Seriously. I only have 4 days to practice it. Do you think I can do it? Well, may Allah let it be. InshaAllah. I think I've improve my English grammar a bit. Maybe because of those fanfic that I read every day. It's really helping. 

Throwback; I really bad in English writing and started to ask my friend who fluent and expert in English how did they expert in English? They told me to read a lot of English stuff like novel and newspaper but I really have no interesting of reading especially novel and newspaper. That's because I'm an Otaku and I only read manga (comic) and watch news on TV. One day, I really bored and there were nothing to do. I was waiting of Detective Conan new manga and episode. It took a long time to wait it. Yeah. I've said before ' waiting is like forever ' then just search new anime image and I found a Fanfic. Of course the language is English because the writer is worldwide Otaku. I try to read it. At the first, it was really boring; I keep reading it until I got interested of the fanfic. Since the day, I've realized there were other ways to get interest in English. Now, Fanfic is the one of my routine in my daily life. I've told cha guys in my official blog on hiatus note.

End of Throwback; Memories of Getting Interest in English.

Ok I think this is the longest note of PT3 experience entry.
I should stop typing by a century ago xD AHA! Bye.

18th August 2014
Hey, I'm very very very depressing right now because of today is PT3 English speaking test and...



warghh I really depress right now, I'm afraid that if I couldn't pass the test and I'll make my family disappointed of me. Actually, it’s being like this...

Sofia and I were sketching picture of Toushirou because we wanted to get away from fear and nervous. When our turn, I'm started to trembling and I wanted to cry. The feeling is controlling media can't do anything, just read aloud and speaking with shaken voice. So, I can't answer some questions properly because of those feeling... Make me trembled and come out with shaken voice. Ok that's all then, when the test was finished, I get out of the examination room and quickly ran to the quarantine room. Then.... I limp and...

yeah that's right, I was crying like that because I can't make it well. yeah... My friend came approaching me and they comfort me. Anna was the one who has comfort me a lot. I'm glad I have a lot of kind-hearted of them. Then I feel comfortable with their word and I'm okay. Not so okeyh like I can just 'HAHAHA' like that , I'm still depress of my awful-self, my futile, my failure and myself. I know that I could make better than that. I want to redo my speaking. Those DAMN feelings have destroyed my enthusiasm of learning English language... 

Ok sore ja, minna. *ok, I'll see you guys later. 
I'm going to watch Bleach Movie 2; The Diamond Dust Rebellion.

oh ya, Wish me luck for trial exam of PT3 next 2 week okeyh? I'll head it on 2nd September until 5th September 2014. Bye and Assalamualikum.

2nd September 2014


yo minna, today I'm quite sure that I'll score in my Malay language. Yeah actually I kind of love the Malay language format of PT3 because I'm good in Malay writing. Ne ne... Do you think I'll get successful result? Ok ok never mind. Bye I gotta go. Study...tomorrow I'll have PISA (It's an International test)

9th September 2014

Hey...todai ith mah lasssth eczam of trail Pt3. you know what? I’m suck you knoe . My arm is broken... so i wrote 5 essays in English test then every 5 minutes i wrote i'll hold mah hend tightly because i was hurt. I don’t want to tell teachers because they will put me in quarantine room and I will be alone. You know that i afraid of being alone. :( Only my bff know about this and next week is HOLIDAY!! yeah, so i can rest my arm ~ oh ya it has been 3 days I’ve this arm. ahaha k bye~

24th September 2014

konbanwa minna! today is PT3 psychometric test. Last week my teacher said the test is so easy like a piece of cake? hountou ni? She said we don't need to read or study anything bcoz the test just use our brain. So... My holiday is so relax I've ever had! Bcoz I don't need to study, ne? when the test begin, yes of course it was so easy... but then It was so hard like 'holy shut!' ok that’s all. nothing else about the test. Tomorrow I will have the second test. Wish me luck then!

ok, this time, it is about my trial result. I thought I will get the worst number in my batch so... yeah my latest post about trial exam was about depressed. But...hehe there was BUT huh? ok but, I'm the best of the batch. Hooray! I 'm so happy. Demo, I'm afraid my parents will scold me of my trial result isn't good enough. For me? yeah I think it's good enough to get successful mark. My parents were different. The think 85% isn't good. I know It isn't fair but I already can fix to myself with them again. Yokatta ne? because of I'm the best in my batch, I'm in happy mood and I have made a gif of myself. I'm feeling like this. . .

ok that’s all for today, 3 week to PT3!
nervous and there were so much feeling inside.

12th October 2014

Bissmillahirahmanirahim. Assalamualaikum guys. Today is the last day I can struggle on PT3. Yeah, tomorrow is a big day. It's PT3 minna! wargghhh why on earth I'm still sit here in fort of lappy and blogging. Ehehe no no I'm just too afraid and now I'm trying to forget the feeling. I'm not ready but I'm ready... huh? haha ok like 50% ready 50% not ready. I think I can score in math and . . . I don't know la...heyhh rasanya math je yang dah ready sesangat ready. Okeyh... Today I'm so happy because I'm really really felt like I really study at last. Ahaha. I study with my friend, Amera and My HaHaHa Bff at my house. Hariz and I decided to study Malay lang. but we were ended it up with Math. Today I've teach Amera and Hariz in Math and a bit of Science to Hanis about blood circulation and transport. 

oh ya I want to apologize to everyone. Nak mintak jasa baik korang doakan kejayan. InshaAllah akan dibalas jasa baik anda semua. 

ok ,zutto zutto hountou ni gomenasai minna!

Gotta back to study math. 

13th October 2014


hey there guys! Today I'm so relief because my Malay lang. test is already done. I think I do it well but I'm so sad math test was over too. I love math and I want to do it every day wahaha! Ok ok that’s enough. My 'tatabahasa' BM memang lah macamm  -_-' ha.

Macam-macam jenis orang lepas exam hari ni like...

some students like
    " hey hey, relax...this is not the end of the world~

and some students like 
   "excuse me, do you know what's the answer of question # that !$&%$#! ?

and some students like 

How did I act? The answer is number 2. I like to ask everyone. I know it's not good to ask or talk about the things that have pass. It will make our motivation getting down~

hehe ok just a short entry today. Nothing much and tomorrow is English and Science test! I'm feeling like 'ok I’m dead' haha I like Science tho but I know science doesn't like me. Ok please science I like you and please please please please like or love me back. Only for tomorrow. Then I'll set you free ok? 

ok then, whut else? oh yaaaa English test. I'm afraid that I will forget the summary of literature. There were novels tittles 'How I met Myself' and 'The Boscom Valley Mystery’, literature such as poem short stories and many more. The creepiest thing in English is MY GRAMMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wooaa ~
Wish me luck then.


14th October 2014

Konbanwa minna. Today is the second day of PT3 . My teacher said English test is very tough . Demo, when I open and read the questions. It’s not really tough as the trial one. I hope I will score in English test. Science… I thought the science test will be easier than English but then  It become the hardest paper in PT3. Warghhh I was like

when I read the questions. That’s not meas I can’t answer all the question. Not too hard and not too easy. It was like 50/50 la.

Tomorrow is a very hard day to go through because tomorrow is ‘Kemahiran Hidup b.’ and the whole class (girls) choose the same cost . It’s PERDAGANGAN. I don’t like to be a business woman okeyh! . I hate this. Huhu I’m tired already. Please, Ya Allah help ur servant.

Pendidikan Islam jugak esok. Banyaknya kena hafal. Pedagangan,akaun, dokumen perniagaan la, tak termasuk yang tersa lagi. Pendidikan islam pon dah banyak jugak kena hafal. Nasib baik KH dulu baru pendidikan islam. Alhamdulillah. Dapat gap masa 2 jam nak hafal Pendidikan Islam. Terutamanya bahagian sirah atau lebuh tepat tokot-tokoh Islam. Heheh I know I cut down my eng . lang.

Left: me day time  | Right: night day

 I’m totally tired today. Maybe I spent too much time on study math (Monday) and English (yesterday night) until 4 am. And know I don’t have energy left. I’m going to study Pendidikan Islam but my eye and body not allow me to it. Do seru!!! I need to focus and keep study. (I know my study style isn’t good to my health. But tomorrow is the last day. LAST DAY you know. I can’t wait to end this … because…

Ok joudan dayou! **je kiddin' !

dakaraI''m just tired. ok that's all. wish me luck then goodbye. I will meet you at my official blog. Later!

15th October 2014 
Hey! I'm going to open my official blog because PT3 is OVER!!!!
 Yay! (demo, PS assigments are still there waiting for me) It's not important ok I'm so happy tottemo oreshi na!!! Why? because KHB is so easy (not so easy but easy) and as I told yesterday 'Perdagangan' is so hard but I don't know.. it suddenly became easy. Pendidikan Islam also easy ma~ Maybe today is 'EASY' day (hountou ni? ) ok ok now you can discover my official blog . Bye!

oh ya before I gone again to play OSU! I have something to tell ya.

 I'm so proud I have friends like Dyna, Sarah, Anna, Amera, Hariz, Ikhwan, Hanis , Tysha , Ain and Arina because they always help me in my study and make me think positive when I'm depress . Thank you to All my teachers because always answer my Rand0m and ridiculous questions in the class. Thanks to my sisters because always make me mad (when I'm mad I'll study alone-that's make me calm down) Weird~ To my fiends and all blogger that support me and wish me 'Good luck' (that's make me not easily give up) And BIG BIG BIG BIG thanks to my lovely parents because give me supports and love.

Love them All. Love Everyone. Bye!

[this is the end of the post. The timeline post starts from 3rd July - 15th October 2014]

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